Red barn chickens


Red Barn was started in 2009, and has grown to become a household name in many South African towns.  This tiny yet dynamic farmstead produces the best entirely free-range chicken and eggs that you will ever eat, as well as free range beef, pork, Karoo lamb, and a large range of dairy.

Besides letting their much-loved chickens graze in a gorgeous, peaceful environment just outside picturesque George, these specialists in free-range farming are dead set against injecting antibiotics or brine into their meat.  Ethical, humane, sustainable farming is the only acceptable standard at Red Barn.

Why is this so important?

The use of antibiotics in animal farming is often employed by macro meat producers to increase yield and limit the spread of disease in overcrowded environments. The end consumer who eats this meat does however ingest antibiotic residue. Continued exposure to antibiotics in our meat can lead to selective pressure towards antibiotic resistant infections, as well as unhealthy disruptions in the gut microbiome.

free range chicken

Red Barn provides an alternative to macro farmed meats that is not only healthier, but also more humane.  According to Lindy, the farmer at Red Barn, “People often ask us why our chickens taste so good – so ‘in an eggshell’… We absolutely love our chickens and enjoy inventing new ways to make them happier and more comfortable. This is no easy feat as pasture reared chickens need lots of attention. After much learning and many mistakes, it’s a dream come true! We are now growing big, fat, happy, healthy, FREE chickens and free-range eggs that taste absolutely divine.

Learn more about what’s happening at Red barn Free Range Farm on their Facebook page.

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