There are many benefits for using environmentally friendly cleaning products in our homes. As a new year begins, so do many other things. The most common New Year’s resolutions are related to family time, fitness, weight loss, debt reduction, quit xxxx (you name it) and our health. Key to improving our health is to increase our green cleaning habits including the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products have been around for years – dating back to when our grandmothers used vinegar and baking soda on a regular basis. For many today, we want the health benefits from using environmentally friendly cleaning products, but we do not have either the time or the inclination to be mixing up our own home cleaning products from scratch.

For the health of our families, selecting and using environmentally friendly cleaning products is important, especially for baby safe cleaning, caring for our children, providing a safe environment for our pets and last but certainly not least, keeping a healthy earth.

Indoor air levels of many pollutants may be two to five times, and occasionally, more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels. This problem is exacerbated when we clean in small unventilated spaces such as a windowless bathroom, where levels of cleaning chemicals in the air can be highly concentrated. Indoor air pollutants are of particular concern because most people spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors. In fact, National Cancer Association released results of a 15 year study concluding that women who work in the home are at a 54 percent higher risk of developing cancer than women who work outside the home.

Even if you are amongst the ten percent of homes that use a cleaning service, you have reason to be concerned about the residue the cleaners leave in your home.
• Health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones
• Protecting our property by not accelerating the deterioration process of our floors, countertops, and furniture
• Cost reduction from using fewer products and ensuring accurate dilution ratios
• Cleaning efficacy
• Protecting our planet
When you switch and start using green cleaning products, select sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products that are:
• Nontoxic
• Fragrance free
• Biobased
• Formulated for cold water
• Concentrated
• Reduced and recyclable packaging
• No VOCs
• Biodegradable

Selecting only environmentally friendly cleaning products is critical to maintaining our health and a satisfactory level of cleanliness and disinfection in our homes.