New Chef

We are growing and expanding and looking for a new chef to join the team at the Real Food Co Grocery Store and Restaurant. ( We need a person that has experience as a chef and is already on the health band wagon (a real convert and not just in name). Chefs that have worked in busy kitchens would be preferred. The person must also be able to cost recipes themselves, create new products, train other staff to make all the products, create manuals and procedures in the kitchen including writing up all of recipes so other staff can follow, be able to create new usable food products out of products that can go off soon in the grocery store (The grocery stores do this all the time, e.g. see bananas is starting to go a little off, freeze it, use it in smoothies to minimize wastage -many other examples of this). The person must also do spot checks and quality control of the items that the staff members make and be a team player. 

The person must further also be willing to roll up their sleeves and assist in anything that’s needed around the kitchen and shop, from cleaning, managing the till, engaging with customers in the grocery store and various other functions – we need someone that has a hardworking, honest and don’t mind rolling up sleeves for anything kind of person.) 

We require a person that is passionate about health and can speak to customers and sell our products. The person should train the other staff to make the main food items and do spot check, but does not need to do the all routine work self. If time allows it would be great if he/she could interact with the customers as much as possible.

In terms of the healthy food that needs to be made, knowledge in sprouting, fermenting, smoothies, juices, raw food, raw puddings, dehydrated foods, gluten free baking, micro greens etc is needed. Some vegan/vegetarian chefs can do this but we also need someone who is willing to work with meat. Knowledge of special diets such as gluten free or dairy free or Banting is needed.

Interested persons can please send a CV or other info that could prove your abilities to