Soaring Free Superfoods - CBD Chocolate (50g)

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Non-psychoactive Cannabinoids such as CBD are potent antioxidants offering pain-relief and neuroprotection. The effects are synergised and enhanced when combined with antioxidant-rich chocolate. Our CBD (cannabidiol) is extracted from the oil of THC-free Certified hemp.

Each bar contains 20mg of CBD which is extracted from the oil of the highest quality THC-Free Certified hemp. We chose to include CBD in our chocolate for a simple reason, as fats and oils have been known to enhance the absorption for CBD into the bloodstream. This is why many CBD products come blended with coconut, avocado, and olive oils.

What’s even better is the fact that cacao is one of the best carriers of CBD into the body, helping to enhance the effects by increasing absorption and activation within the body. The effects of CBD are synergistically enhanced when combined with antioxidant rich chocolate, delivering calming, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, feel good, and immune supporting effects. The use of cacao as a vehicle to deliver other medicines originated in mesoamerica, and we like to think that they knew what they were doing. The beauty is, evidence is continuing to show that raw cacao is one of the best superfoods in the world, revered by the Mayans, Olmec, and Aztecs as ‘F​ood of the Gods’.​