Red Barn - Free Range Chicken Thighs (800g)

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Grass Fed Chicken - Naturally Pastured, free range, hormone free, no routine antibiotics.

Many free range chickens from big suppliers are not always really FREE RANGE, because all growers need to do to comply with the current “free range standard” is give the chickens a little more space and a tiny door leading to the sunlight, they rarely go out and are grown on concrete in a barn.

Red Barn chickens are really FREE and to grow up naturally as chickens should do. Their chickens have constant access to a natural diet and enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  They do not use artificial growth stimulants; do not feed meat or bone meal; and do not use antibiotics but rather keep their chickens healthy with herbs (although they reserve the right to medicate sick animals if required). They raise their birds outside on pasture where they can scratch in the soil, eat green plants and whatever bugs they find.  They move the birds to clean fields on a regular basis.

Raising chickens in this way takes a little longer.  The birds reach marketable weights in 8-12 weeks as opposed to 6 weeks which is the industry standard. This longer growing period is a key factor in growing a tasty large chicken. The chickens mature at their natural pace. Chickens reared this way have naturally more muscle and less fat from running around instead of sitting still in a crowded chicken cage.  (When you cook our birds you will see a difference as the birds don’t shrink down to nothing when the fat melts.) The chickens are not injected with brine (salt water).