Our Suppliers

We have preselected our suppliers, testing and trying the best whole-foods South Africa has to offer currently - saving you the time to find food sources you can trust.

Our Store

Real Food Co is a one-stop organic grocer based in Somerset West. We shop around for the freshest, locally produced organic produce so that you don’t have to. No driving around to find whole foods that are ethically produced. We search for you to find the best local organic suppliers in the area. If you do not have the time to pick it up from our shop, we deliver anywhere in the Helderberg area (Somerset West and Strand). 

Why don’t you come in right now and see what we have in-store today?

What is important to us:

Real healthy food, organic living, local, ethically sourced and in-season products and selling whole-foods. Driven by a love for people and a passion for what we do, we encourage our customers to share their health stories with us.