About us

Real Food Co is a one-stop organic coffee shop and deli based in Somerset West.

Organic Coffee Shop and Deli

We are part of the local community and our one-stop shop for all your organic coffee shop and deli needs is based in the heart of Somerset West. Find us at Unit 7, Hole in the Wall, 93 Main Road, Somerset West. For real food that has been produced locally, through organic and sustainable farming procedures, visit our physical shop during business hours or shop online outside of business hours. We would love to meet you, so pop into our shop for a friendly chat or to share a healthy recipe or two!

Our Story

Hi there!

So, you wanna know our story? We are glad, because Real Food Co loves sharing our stories with other people and having them share their stories with us. In a nutshell, Real Food Co is owned by locals Tracy, Gawie and another partner. Our personal journey to health started a decade ago in pretty much the same way that many others out there joining the health revolution today may start out. By feeling lousy! After an initial "Eureka!"-moment of realising that it is not normal to feel lousy and tired all the time, Tracy, who back then was completing her honours in Biochemistry, started researching healthy living with the support of her husband, Gawie. What followed over the next 10 years was not just a complete turnaround in their health, but also a Master's degree in Nutrition and a newborn passion to see others' lives changed through a health revival. Oh, and you can throw two kids into that mix. Their big health journey culminated in bringing a third kid into the family when they purchased Real Food Co in 2016. That is the simple story of how we started out. Now that we have shared our story with you, we invite you to join us in a health revival leading to a better quality of life and a more sustainable environment. We look forward to having you share your own story with us!

Warmest regards

Tracy and Gawie

Our Mission

To make healthy, affordable organic food easily available to families at a one-stop organic community shop. But it doesn't stop there. We invite you to join us on a mission of making organic foods more readily available, looking after the environment and establishing a healthy future generation by supporting organic farming and living. 

Our Store

Real Food Co is a one-stop organic coffee shop and deli based in Somerset West. We shop around for the freshest, locally produced organic produce so that you don’t have to. No driving around to find whole foods that are ethically produced. We search for you to find the best local organic suppliers in the area. If you do not have the time to pick it up from our shop, we deliver anywhere in the Helderberg area (Somerset West and Strand). 

Why don’t you come in right now and see what we have in-store today?

What is important to us:

Real healthy food, organic living, local, ethically sourced and in-season products and selling whole-foods. Driven by a love for people and a passion for what we do, we encourage our customers to share their health stories with us.

Our Team

Gawie   -  Owner & Director

Loving husband to Tracy and father of three kiddies, he leads with a passion for family health and wellness.

Tracy   -  Owner & Marketer

Business minded, yet a dedicated mother and wife, Tracy has decided to make health a priority. She sources all the products and ensures they adhere to Real Food Co Standards.

Elzabé   -  Writer

Amoungst motherhood Elzabé, finds the time to write copy and articles for Real Food Co. Be sure to check our blog for recent wellness news.